Portland Energy Performance Reporting

The City of Portland is implementing a new policy that requires commercial buildings over 50,000 sq. ft to track and report energy performance using the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. The purpose of the policy is to provide information to potential tenants and owners about building energy performance and motivate investment in energy efficiency improvements that reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

“Portland has set a goal to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050,” said Portland Mayor Charlie Hales. “Reducing energy use in buildings is a critical part of that picture. Tracking energy use and investing in energy efficiency saves money for the building owners. And for the city as a whole.”

How will it affect me?

You will be required to provide the report to the City Energy Manager no later than April 22, 2016. This free web-based tool calculates energy use intensity, provides an Energy Star score, and determines your building’s carbon emissions. The policy will cover offices, retail spaces, grocery stores, hotels, health care, and higher education buildings.

The new policy:

  • Advances the Climate Action Plan’s objective to reduce the total energy use of all buildings built before 2010 by 25 percent.
  • Gives prospective buyers and tenants information to make informed decisions.
  • Helps building operators track energy use and identify options to improve efficiency.
  • Provides market recognition for the most efficient buildings.
  • Reduces building owners’ energy costs by an average of 2.4 percent per year.


The City of Portland will publish individual building information including status of compliance with the policy, building gross square footage, building type, energy use intensity (kBtu/gross sq ft), ENERGY STAR score and carbon emissions.

How Reitmeier can help

At Reitmeier, we’re committed to environmental sustainability in everything we do. While that relates directly to the commercial HVAC services we provide our customers, it also means supporting our City’s conservation efforts.

Reitmeier understands that your time is limited and valuable. We have put together a free service for our maintenance contract customers to enter your performance data into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. If you are not a contract customer, we have created a special program to do the reporting on your behalf.

Our team can also help your building improve its efficiency through a variety of energy management offerings including performance audits.

To learn more about the Portfolio Manager® and how Reitmeier can help, please call us at (503) 603–0205.