HVAC Preventative Maintenance

At Reitmeier, our goal is to protect your original system investment. Our HVAC preventative maintenance program helps you control your costs with an optimum blend of predictive, diagnostic and scheduled HVAC maintenance tasking services.

Based in Portland Oregon, Reitmeier’s HVAC preventative maintenance solutions can be seasonally adjusted and designed around your specific appliance. Click to learn more about our HVAC preventative maintenance offerings in the following areas:

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Benefits

  • Save Energy: Cut energy consumption by maintaining your HVAC equipment at peak performance.
  • Eliminate Expensive Downtime: Reduce HVAC equipment failures and costly equipment downtime.
  • Extend the Life of Your Equipment: Increase the life expectancy of your HVAC equipment by maintaining optimum operating condition.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Ensure that your environment is healthy with proper ventilation, regular filter changes and comfort control.
  • Increase Comfort: Gain consistent comfort control that will keep occupants happy and boost productivity.
  • Avoid Disruption: Plan a predetermined HVAC maintenance schedule that meets your technical requirements without disrupting your business needs.
  • Support When You Need It: Identify indoor air quality problems, solve comfort complaints, modify air conditioning and heating or ventilation capacity with our comprehensive engineering support. And, in the case of an HVAC emergency, Reitmeier responds to your call within four hours or less, even during peak times.

HVAC preventative maintenance should be more than a filter change. We design comprehensive, customized solutions to maximize the life of your HVAC equipment and keep it running at peak operating condition.

recycling HVAC units

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Scheduled Inspections: Reitmeier’s HVAC preventative maintenance solutions provide scheduled inspection and maintenance services for your HVAC system based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, equipment application and our professional knowledge and experience.
  • Air Filter Maintenance: Our HVAC preventative maintenance solutions include appropriate air filter changes of the frequency and type best-suited for your system, as well as the labor, materials and disposal of the used filters.
  • Corrective HVAC Maintenance and Component Replacement Coverage: Our skilled HVAC technicians are cross-trained to identify impending problems and propose solutions for repair before they cause unplanned downtime.
  • Emergency and Trouble Call Coverage: Reitemeier’s emergency response service is available 24/7 and deploys HVAC technicians on-site within four hours of your call, even during peak hours.
  • Refrigerant Containment Service: With regular leak tests, reporting, and recommended repairs, Reitmeier delivers comprehensive solutions for any HVAC equipment found low on refrigerant. Our sustainable approach to refrigerant containment includes recovery, recycling and reclaiming practices that minimize your cost of refrigerant replacement, and maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local guidelines.
  • Service Documentation: Reitmeier documents all scheduled and unscheduled service work, giving you access to records of your HVAC service and maintenance whenever you need it.

Interested in learning more about how Reitmeier can design an HVAC preventative maintenance solution to meet your unique needs? Contact us