reitmeier-exchangeWelcome to The Exchange – a series of free educational workshops, seminars, and presentations to help you understand your HVAC system, ensure optimum performance, and maximize return on investment.

“The instructor was phenomenal in illustrating where everything is located and what it was called without dumbing it down.” – Exchange attendee

Heating and cooling technologies are evolving, with more options than ever to create an energy-efficient, comfortable environment. We started The Exchange to provide you with ongoing information on the best practices in property and facilities management – strategies that will help save money, reduce energy consumption, and create a competitive edge.

About The Exchange

“I pride myself on taking excellent care of predictive maintenance – it’s nice validation to know we are doing the right things. The networking was tremendous as well.” – Exchange attendee


The Exchange was named for our goal of facilitating the constant exchange of new and innovative ideas, as well as the exchange of hot and cold air in your HVAC system. The program is designed to help property managers, facility managers, property owners, and contractors leverage these options to make more informed decisions about their buildings.

Taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors, programs are completely free-of-charge and address a variety of topics – including heating and air conditioning maintenance, controls, equipment trends, building automation, and HVAC system design. Training classes are typically held at our corporate headquarters in Tualatin, OR – however, our skilled instructors are also available to come speak at your facility. (For more information, call 503-603-0205.)

 “It was great being able to see inside the unit to conceptualize what it looks like/how it operates.” – Exchange attendee


Upcoming events

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Topics you’ve missed

Get Energy Efficient

with the Energy Trust of Oregon

In May, the Energy Trust of Oregon joined us to discuss how to evaluate the energy savings for your building(s), identify opportunities within your portfolio, and leverage Trade Allies and ETO program offerings for improved ROI.

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The Value of Predictive Maintenance

On April 19, 2016, Reitmeier HVAC professionals Adam Tucker, Devon Brown, and Michael Taal lead an in-depth discussion around why HVAC maintenance is essential for building performance – including a maintenance demonstration on a working HVAC unit.

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Our “why”

lead-wayAt Reitmeier, we live our core value, Leading the Way, in everything we do. This commitment includes keeping our clients and business partners ahead of the latest trends in building tools, applications, codes, and standards. The Exchange’s primary goal is to help you make smart, long-range decisions that balance cost, risk, and profit for the most effective results.

“It was very helpful hearing about the Reitmeier way, networking with others that attended, and seeing an HVAC unit.” – Exchange attendee

How can we help?

We want to make this a valuable resource for our clients, partners, and friends. If you’d like to learn more about a specific topic, please let us know by submitting your suggestions below. We’re constantly adding new topics to our calendar, so be sure to check back for more events!