Case Studies

Want to hear from our happy customers? Browse our case studies and see what the Reitmeier Way is all about.

The Yards at Union Station

The Yards encompasses eight separate buildings, 700+ apartment units and 2,000 sqft of retail space. Learn how Reitmeier helps their facility manager ensure smooth HVAC operations throughout, and keep their tenants happy. Read More »

KG Investment Management

A commercial real estate manager, KG understands the importance of timely professional service. Learn how Reitmeier helps the KG team keep their tenants happy, while reducing operating costs and enhancing property values. Read More »


One of the world’s largest dental equipment makers, A-dec employs more than 1,000 people, headquartered in 13 buildings and 635,000 sqft of space spread across a 50 acre campus. Learn how Reitmeier helps oversee, service, and maintain this sizeable HVAC operation. Read More »

Fusion EMS

An electronic manufacturing services company, Fusion EMS requires extreme control over their building’s environment. Learn how Reitmeier maintains their HVAC systems for precise control, while helping Fusion EMS navigate the complications of tenant improvements in a commercial space. Read More »


FLIR manufactures infrared camera systems – and extreme air quality is absolutely essential for proper execution. Learn how Reitmeier led retrofitting and other HVAC efforts that protect FLIR’s complex manufacturing operations today. Read More »

Kalberer Company

Kalberer Co. relies on Reitmeier to oversee HVAC operations at three separate properties. Learn how we’ve helped protect their investments, and why we prioritize tenant relationships. Read More »