Our culture

sustainable-relationshipsReitmeier team members take our core values to heart. One of these tenets is to Build Sustainable Relationships – we strive for an environment that is friendly and warm, and we continuously go above and beyond for others both inside and outside the company. We make sure that our company culture builds and fosters a workplace where our employees can feel fulfilled.

“We don’t want to be like every other HVAC company,” said Jeff Nusz, Reitmeier president. “Our ongoing goal is to create an environment where our people can thrive and grow.”

What makes our employees happy

At Reitmeier, we believe that culture is key to employee satisfaction. Here are the ways we intentionally craft our environment to better the lives of our people and to improve the health of our company.

Team building

We’ve found that building sustainable relationships amongst employees heightens morale and gives the staff a chance to connect outside of their usual context. For this reason, we take time to plan special and activities for our staff.

Not only are these events a great way for staff to get to know each other in a new light – but they’re also really fun. We host ongoing leadership development book clubs for Reitmeier employees and organize several team events each year – one of which is an annual fishing tournament. Other events include family picnics and fundraising events for charities we support as an organization.

“The annual tournament gives me one-on-one time with employees – a chance to really get to know them,” says Jeff Nusz.

Zero-waste efforts

Sustainability weighs into every decision that we make at Reitmeier. And while a large part of this philosophy applies to our hands-on work – we’re leading the way in environmentally-friendly practices – our dedication to zero-waste is a living part of our culture as well.

In 2009, Reitmeier relocated to new headquarters. We designed the facility to embody our commitment to sustainable practices. During redesign and construction, we implemented green building techniques focused on energy efficiency, construction waste diversion, and material reuse to achieve LEED Silver certification. Recently, we implemented programs to recycle or reclaim all materials at our building sites – this includes equipment, parts, refrigerant, and filters.


Even our company vehicles reflect our goal to reduce our carbon footprint – in 2015, we invested in an entirely new, sustainable fleet made of recycled materials and impressively high fuel efficiency. We feel fortunate that our employees live and breathe this dedication to green practices wherever they go.

Employee appreciation

unit-inspection-2-staffIn world that growingly seems to prioritize profit over people, Reitmeier strives to break this mold with our exceptional benefits and deep gratitude for our employees. We build a climate where people are welcomed to ask questions, and mentorship amongst employees perpetuates a culture where everyone strives to learn and grow.

“People are our product,” says Jeff Nusz. “It’s all about our employees having safety and security for the future. When they have that, production rises and customer service rises. Besides, it’s more fun this way.”


If our culture and values align with your own, we invite you to engage in further conversation with Reitmeier. Check out our current opportunities today.