“Reitmeier delivered exactly what we wanted, and then more.”
-Colby Gravely, A-dec Facilities Supervisor


Based in Newberg, Oregon, A-dec is a leading designer and manufacturer of dental office furniture and equipment.

Considered one of the largest dental equipment makers in the world, A-dec’s team consists of more than 1,000 people, headquartered on a campus that includes 13 buildings spread across 50 acres and housing 635,000 sq. ft. of space. Talk about a sizeable operation!

A-dec’s vision is to “provide a quality environment where people work together for the betterment of dentistry worldwide,” and that applies beyond the products they create.

To create a quality environment for the team members working throughout campus, A-dec relies on a network of more than 180 rooftop HVAC units, and works with Reitmeier to oversee, service, and maintain this immense HVAC undertaking.

More Than a Provider, a Partner

Because Reitmeier is a commercial building service provider, we were a great fit for A-dec’s HVAC needs.

We’ve been working with A-dec for three years now, and in that time we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Facilities Supervisor, Colby Gravley, to bring balance to A-dec’s campus environment. Here’s what he has to say:

“Reitmeier is totally there for the customer – no matter what it takes, they want us to be happy. They’re very timely, they are clean, and they do quality work. Their team represents the Reitmeier business the way that we want our employees to represent A-dec. We feel very aligned with how Reitmeier does business.”

“What more could we want from a contractor?”

Colby and his team rely on us to maintain, service, and oversee their network of HVAC units, and to provide continuing support to their in-house mechanical staff.

Colby, who has a background in HVAC, will tell you that when it comes to Reitmeier, “the quality of work is there. They’re timely, they’re clean, and they bend over backwards to meet our needs.”

We’re the primary resource for A-dec’s controls, automation and sequencing questions, and helped develop a streamlined onboard diagnostic system that integrated with their systems and throughout their units.

The Value of a Good Fit

sustainable-relationshipsOur partnership with A-dec is a two-way street, and – as strange as it may sound – they are a “perfect fit” client for us, just as we are a “right fit” provider for them.

You see, as a business A-dec is invested in more than the bottom line. A-dec invests in its team, its community, and its environment.

At Reitmeier, we share these core values; we strive to be a steward in our community, and support our team at every turn.

We are incredibly proud to have a partner in A-dec, a company that was founded on these values, and lives them each and every day.

By bringing balance to their environment, Reitmeier proudly contributes to the A-dec mission “to provide a quality environment where people work together for the betterment of dentistry worldwide.”


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