Fusion EMS

“Reitmeier is a partner that shares their knowledge and experience to help us understand what works well in our space.”
–Jeff Wagemann, Fusion EMS Facility Manager

Fusion EMS

An electronic manufacturing services company based in Hillsboro, Oregon, Fusion EMS builds leading edge technologies for the energy, aerospace, manufacturing, military, and medical industries.

The Fusion commitment to quality requires extreme control over their building’s environment. As their HVAC service provider, Reitmeier helps ensure the proper function of Fusion equipment, and the protection of their office environment.

More Than a Provider, a Partner

We work hand-in-hand with Fusion’s Facility Manager, Jeff Wagemann. He shared a bit about how Fusion’s relationship with Reitmeier came to fruition:

“There were only heating units when Fusion moved into this space in the mid-90s. We had a business need for air conditioning – we wanted to ensure our people’s comfort, to help with process control, and maintain the environment around our industrial machines that produce heat and fumes. The owner contacted Reitmeier to do the installation work, and we’ve been working with them ever since.”

In addition to installing air conditioning, we helped Fusion navigate the complications of tenant improvements in their commercial space:

“Fusion leases this facility, which complicates things a bit. Reitmeier had some great suggestions, and continues to help us understand how to work within that constraint.”

Since that initial engagement, Reitmeier has been helping the Fusion team manage the climate throughout their buildings, maintain the HVAC systems necessary for keeping the equipment at a steady temperature, and service the air-balance machines that help ventilate and extract fumes from the machines.

“Reitmeier is a partner that shares their knowledge and experience to help us understand what works well in our space,” Jeff says. “Their willingness to provide ideas and support is ongoing.”

Preventative Maintenance = Savings

This year, Fusion engaged us to provide scheduled equipment maintenance – a need which they had previously met in-house. Here’s what Jeff has to say:

“It’s been a good experience. Our Reitmeier technician is dedicated to our account – he knows the ins and outs of our equipment, and makes it more efficient. Ultimately, our maintenance agreement with Reitmeier makes my life simpler, and it saves us money.”


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