Inline Commercial Construction

“Reitmeier’s expertise, capability, and determination to deliver on time and within budget have helped me land new projects.”
– Trygve Berge, SPD Project Manager


INLINE Commercial Construction, Inc. is a full-service, minority-owned general contractor that has been serving commercial clients in the Pacific Northwest region since 1983.

Over the years, the company has evolved to accommodate the growing depth and complexity of the construction industry. Today, INLINE performs construction services from concept to closeout, including tenant improvements and new construction projects.

The Reitmeier team has completed a number of HVAC projects with Trygve (pronounced “Trig”) Berge, a general contractor and manager of INLINE’s Special Projects Division (SPD).

“Our team specializes in complex projects that are harder to figure out,” says Trygve. “There are no blueprints – we develop projects with the owners and rely on subcontractors to handle short timelines within a budget.”

As a GC, Trygve relies on subcontractors like Reitmeier to come in and complete the work efficiently, with a shared standard of quality.

“Reitmeier’s expertise, capability, and determination to deliver on time and within budget have helped me land new projects.”

In fact, INLINE relies on their project performance to secure new jobs, and they currently boast an annual repeat clientele base of over 80%, representing corporations such as OHSU, Providence Health & Services, SolarWorld, and KeyBank.

More than a provider, a partner

Trygve oversees INLINE’s in-house workforce along with outside consultants to maximize his clients’ resources, and quickly turn around projects regardless of the size. He explains that Reitmeier is the perfect example of a subcontractor with the expertise, skills, and follow through to make SPD projects a reality.

“We lean on Reitmeier for fast-turnaround jobs that require a high level of training, expertise, coordination, and communication.”

The sophistication and efficiency that drew Trygve to the Reitmeier team almost two years ago plays a large part in the relationship we have with INLINE’s SPD today.

right-solutionWe’ve been there to help Trgyve’s team solve some of the more challenging puzzles faced by the SPD, including (but not limited to) “navigating ducts through firewall and troubleshooting beams and seismic bars – all efficiently, within budget, and up to code.”

We’re incredibly proud to work with INLINE and the entire SPD team on these challenging projects. Our shared appreciation for craftsmanship and professionalism, and our commitment to creating the right solution the very first time set the foundation for a lasting partnership.


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