KG Investment Management

“They bend over backwards to keep our tenants happy.”
–Laura Barry, KG Property Manager

KG Investment Management

KG Investment Management oversees commercial real estate investments in the Pacific Northwest region for multiple clients – managing every detail of their clients’ assets, from renovation to maintenance and leasing to tenant relations.

KG understands that the day-to-day handling of building needs is a direct reflection on their clients. And HVAC is no exception.

With the goal of reducing operating costs, enhancing property values, and keeping happy tenants, KG wants more than an HVAC provider – they need a partner with the same  commitment to quality, value and service.

Happy Tenants – That’s what we’re all about

Project Director Kyle Latta says it’s no surprise that when KG was introduced to Reitmeier over 5 years ago, it was a significant tenant who made the introduction:

“Tenants are especially sensitive to HVAC – it’s really easy to tell when there’s a problem.”

When KG began working with Reitmeier, Kyle noticed an immediate shift in how tenant complaints were addressed.

“When we have to make a service call, Reitmeier is on time, on schedule, and on budget. We really value that in a contractor.”

The Reitmeier team works hand-in-hand with KG’s Property Manager, Laura Barry. She oversees KG’s in-house maintenance engineer, and where HVAC problems exceed his level of expertise – she calls on Reitmeier. Here’s what she has to say:

“Reitmeier takes the lead on all aspects of a project. They contact our roofers and electricians directly so they can coordinate and price out the budget and timeline. They handle project management for their proposals, incorporating comprehensive budgets and timelines. That allows us to communicate real-time information to our tenants, and move forward smoothly.”

But project work is only half of the equation. As Property Manager, Laura stays in tune with her tenants’ needs and experiences. And one of her top priorities is to ensure the comfort of her tenants.

“Reitmeier conducts their work with minimal disruption – they’re very smooth. If we have a problem, they are right there to help us. Even if we call late in the day, they get somebody out the door to help us if they can.”

“They bend over backwards to keep our tenants happy, which keeps us happy.”

More Than a Provider, a Partner

Along with the rest of the KG team, Laura takes customer service very seriously. She strives to exceed the expectations of their clients and tenants with each and every encounter – it’s a fundamental aspect of the KG mission. It’s no wonder she values providers that share this commitment to customer service:

“Reitmeier is incredibly customer-oriented. No matter how many questions we may have, they explain the mechanics and provide the answers we need.”

“We’re committed to delivering the best customer service for our tenants, but it’s rare to see that same commitment in kind.”

“It’s really appreciated when we’re treated with the same level of service that we champion for our tenants.”

prop-manager-contentOur continued work with the KG team is based on much more than our relationship. The Reitmeier commitment to thorough, quality work, and our honesty in the bid/proposal process, has maintained this relationship throughout the years.

KG is required to get competitive proposals on various projects throughout the years. And Laura will be the first to tell you that not everyone keeps their bids as square and even as Reitmeier. More often than not, there’s “extra” work to be done that’s not accounted for in the proposal; Reitmeier’s thorough, all-inclusive scope gives them the edge that puts their proposals ahead.

Here’s what Laura has to say:

“Reitmeier has a commitment to communication that makes them stand out. The Reitmeier team is very thorough, they are great communicators, and are reasonable. Their bid responses are always prompt and on budget.”

Like the KG team, Reitmeier believes strongly in developing close working relationships, and we want our clients to consider the Reitmeier team an extension of their own.


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