The Yards at Union Station

“Whatever we need, they are on it immediately, without question and always smiling.”
–Betsy Pott, Property Manager

The Yards

The Yards at Union Station is a large apartment complex located in Portland’s historic Old Town district.

Completed as a four-phase development across 15 years, the Yards encompass eight separate buildings with more than 700 apartment units and 2000 sq. ft. of retail space.

The phased approach to construction created an inherently complex network of HVAC systems – installed in phases with varying maintenance requirements, service needs, and life spans.

This complexity meant that the Yards needed an HVAC provider that could not only perform service and maintenance, but oversee each project across the entire property, and manage individual elements within budget and on schedule.

Complex Needs = Thoughtful Planning

The Yards reached out to the Reitmeier team to address the complex HVAC issues that property management faced.

The massive HVAC need had overwhelmed their previous vendor, and the task of managing the network of HVAC systems and their various needs was not being handled.

Understanding the massive scope as well as the budgetary constraints faced by the Yards, the Reitmeier team conducted a comprehensive initial survey of the property, evaluating each component of the system. They crafted a plan that prioritized and moved through each service and maintenance need within an agreed upon timeline and budget.

Today, the Reitmeier team continues to ensure the smooth HVAC operations throughout the Yards’ eight buildings, conducting surveys, reporting malfunctions and repair needs.

Our team works hand-in-hand with Betsy Pott, Property Manager of the Yards at Union Station, to oversee and maintain HVAC operations.

“Whatever we need they are on it immediately, without question and always smiling.”

Through our ongoing partnership with the Yards at Union Station, we help Betsy prioritize immediate needs versus lower priority items, and work with her to allocate HVAC resources throughout the Yards’ comprehensive budget and planning.

Reitmeier places great value in the relationship that we’ve built with the Yards’ team. Betsy says that we’re “the one contractor that I never feel like they’re ripping me off. The Reitmeier team always has our interests at heart. I trust them implicitly.”

Balancing the Environment

balanceReitmeier is incredibly fortunate to work in partnerships with businesses like the Yards that share our core values, and whose mission is in alignment with our mission of “bringing balance to the environment.”

The Yards development came to fruition as the residential component of an urban renewal project in downtown Portland.

The development got its name from the ground upon which they sit – the former Southern Pacific Rail Yards. Situated across the tracks from Portland’s historic Union Station, this seven acre parcel was once a brownfield, and had been fouled by decades of contamination.

In 2000, the Yards development was given a prestigious Phoenix Award in recognition of the work involved in cleaning the contamination and creating a new use for the property.

This commitment to sustainable redevelopment of valuable land resonates deeply with the Reitmeier commitment to pursue sustainability at every turn, and in our mission to bring balance to the environment.


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