The Exchange: The Value of Predictive Maintenance

On Tuesday, April 19th, 2016, experienced Reitmeier HVAC professionals Adam Tucker and Michael Taal lead an in-depth discussion around why HVAC maintenance is essential for building performance – including a maintenance demonstration on a working HVAC unit.


Why it’s important

As a professional working in commercial property or facilities management, it pays to understand the value of HVAC maintenance. With a comprehensive understanding of the maintenance landscape, you can confidently invest in a maintenance plan that significantly improves the ROI of your HVAC system (and overall performance of your building) by:

  • Catching minor problems before they develop into serious issues
  • Keeping your unit running efficiently, pushing costs down
  • Achieving a longer lifespan for your HVAC system


devon-michaelWhat we covered

This workshop facilitated an in-depth discussion around:

  • Why HVAC maintenance is essential for the performance of your building
  • The costs and benefits of varying approaches to HVAC maintenance
  • What predictive and preventative maintenance should cover
  • How to evaluate maintenance needs for your system
  • A live demonstration of maintenance being performed on an actual HVAC unit in the comfort of our warehouse


Who attended

Those who work with or manage HVAC equipment and systems at commercial building facilities — property managers and facility maintenance personnel.


reitmeier_exchange_logo_centerRegistration is closed for this event!

This event has already taken place, but we may cover this topic again in the future. To see a full list of The Exchange’s upcoming events or submit a topic request, click here!