Announcing Reitmeier’s Red Flag Recognition Program

If you’re familiar with Reitmeier, you probably know how fanatical we are about supporting our team and developing our people. We are an employee-driven company first and foremost, and we believe our people are the engine that propels us to success.

That’s why we are continuously looking for new ways to recognize and reward extraordinary employee contributions and performance. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our “Red Flag Recognition Program!”


All of our team members will receive a Reitmeier hard hat. When a team member demonstrates our values and culture of safety, he/she will be awarded with a Reitmeier sticker to place on their hard hat – as a public acknowledgement of their exemplary contribution.


Stickers can be accumulated and redeemed for tiered rewards. This program is just one way Reitmeier is championing our company mission and values, and aligning them with everything we do on a daily basis.

Team members will receive a sticker every time they demonstrate these values:

Build Sustainable Relationships: We believe in the power of long-lasting, harmonious relationships with all of our customers and partners. Any time a team member receives a compliment from customers, vendors, or fellow team members, they will receive a Reitmeier sticker.

Create the Right Solution: Our team is dedicated to creating the right solution, the very first time. Reitmeier stickers will be awarded to anyone who delivers outstanding performance on a project budget or timeline, or takes the initiative to recognize necessary repairs or replacements for our customers.

Lead the Way: Reitmeier works to lead the way by being the absolute best at what we do. Employees who strive for personal development or accomplishment through extracurricular classes or training will also receive a Reitmeier sticker.

Own It: Employees will also be recognized for taking ownership and responsibility for their work and performance. Reitmeier stickers will be awarded for superior cleanliness, organization, and adherence to safety practices.

And of course, any time an employee generally goes above and beyond for our team, our partners, or our clients – or does the right thing when nobody’s watching – they will be recognized and thanked for contributing to the success of our team and the implementation of our values.


Want to talk to someone at Reitmeier? Contact us today or visit our Career Center if you’re interested in joining our team.