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The Exchange: Big Ideas For You

Heating and cooling technologies are evolving, with more options than ever to create an energy-efficient, comfortable environment. That’s why Reitmeier created The Exchange. The Exchange is a series of free educational workshops, seminars, and presentations to help you understand your… Read More »

Eager to learn, ready to thrive

Introducing the 2016 graduating class of Reitmeier University The skilled trade job market continues to be faced with difficult challenges. In particular, HVAC talent is scarce: mid-level HVAC jobs typically take 12% longer to fill than all other middle-skill jobs… Read More »

The 5 most common commercial HVAC problems

Your building’s HVAC system does more than keep temperatures consistent. It can impact productivity levels, safety, and energy bills – not to mention tenant comfort and happiness. Adopting a preventative maintenance program is critical to ensuring your system functions properly… Read More »