Committed to sustainable savings

Energy Trust recognizes Reitmeier as a top-performing trade ally

For more than 30 years, the Reitmeier team has been dually-dedicated to our customers and the environment. Through our HVAC services, we find creative, energy-efficient solutions to help facility and property managers save money, receive cash incentives, and improve occupant comfort – creating a win-win for our planet and people alike.

With this commitment in mind, we’re proud to announce that Energy Trust of Oregon has recognized Reitmeier as a 2015 Top Performing Trade Ally for Existing Buildings. With more than 1,400 trade ally contractors in Oregon and Southwest Washington, Reitmeier ranked #5 amongst non-lighting trade allies in providing energy savings to customers through custom projects. Read on to learn more about this recognition and what it means for our customers!

Something to celebrate: Saving nearly 1 million kilowatt hours


One of the driving factors of Reitmeier’s fifth-place ranking was the sheer amount of energy we helped our customers save last year.  According to Energy Trust’s calculations, we helped our customers save the equivalent of 998,461 kilowatt hours in 2015 alone!

The truth is, saving energy isn’t an easy feat in the HVAC industry. Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning equipment account for as much as 40 percent of the energy used by a commercial building. And for property and facility managers, this energy demand can cause a significant strain on resources.

Fortunately, today’s HVAC products are considerably more sustainable than those in the past: new energy-efficient air-conditioning units can use up to 50 percent less energy than technology from the mid-1970s, and nearly 20 percent less than models made just a decade ago.

By working closely with the Energy Trust, Reitmeier helps our customers realize the financial rewards of investing in such projects. Here are only a few ways that sustainable HVAC solutions can benefit our customers:

  • Reduce energy use
  • Achieve short-term cash incentives
  • Lower energy bills
  • Improve occupant comfort and productivity
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Help improve indoor air quality

Partners in sustainability: Energy Trust Trade Ally Network

Reitmeier is proud to be part of Energy Trust’s Trade Ally Network since its creation in 2003. Since then, we have served as one of Energy Trust’s valued trade allies in the field, helping customers complete energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across Oregon and Southwest Washington.


Photo: Reitmeier Account Representative Dick Tarr (L) at Energy Trust of Oregon’s Top-Performing trade allies event in March.

In March, the Reitmeier team gathered with fellow trade allies at an inaugural award ceremony where Energy Trust of Oregon celebrated its top performers for Existing Buildings trade allies. To qualify for the award, Reitmeier and other Existing Building trade allies demonstrate:

  • A high level of program participation: Complete a substantial number of Energy Trust projects and provide a significant amount of savings to customers
  • A high level of customer satisfaction: Confirm satisfaction and high-quality work via Energy Trust account managers and verifications on-site
  • The appropriate use and applications of technology: Demonstrate knowledge of project scope and implement right solutions for clients
  • A solid understanding of program requirements and communications with Energy Trust staff: Serve as a quality extension of account management and represent Energy Trust in the field well

Nick Dreves, Existing Buildings Trade Ally Manager with Energy Trust of Oregon, oversaw the award calculation process, and recognized Reitmeier as a trusted advocate for Energy Trust.

“Reitmeier provides excellent customer service, and the team does a good job at ensuring customers’ needs are addressed,” Nick says. “They truly listen to what the projects’ needs are, and then they tackle the problem with skill. We’re thankful to have them as a trade ally.”

Charting course in our industry

At Reitmeier, we feel accomplished when we can provide measurable outcomes for our customers – and contribute toward a healthier tomorrow.

“We value our partnerships with organizations in our community dedicated to sustainability,” says Jeff Nusz, President of Reitmeier. “It can take a group effort to bring balance to our environment and to benefit our customers, and we’re grateful for Energy Trust for working with us toward this mission.”

Learn how Reitmeier can help you improve your HVAC energy use with cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon. Contact us or call us today at 503-603-0205.