Reitmeier recognized as Energy Trust Top Trade Ally

We are proud to announce the Energy Trust of Oregon awarded Reitmeier as one of the Top 20 Outstanding Contributors in 2017. This distinguished award is given to only those trade allies who demonstrate the highest levels of program participation and customer satisfaction, appropriate use of technology, and a solid understanding of program requirements.

Nick Dreves, trade ally manager of Energy Trust of Oregon Existing Buildings remarked that as one of the Top 20 Outstanding Contributor award winners, “Reitmeier has helped bring in millions of kilowatt hours and hundreds of thousands of therms to Energy Trust through projects with Existing Buildings.”

With more than 1,400 trade ally contractors in Oregon and Southwest Washington, Reitmeier ranked #6 amongst non-lighting trade allies in providing energy savings to customers through custom projects.

According to Energy Trust’s calculations, we helped our customers save the equivalent of 3,814,560 kilowatt hours in 2017!

This incredible energy savings is enough to offset greenhouse gas emissions from:

608 passenger vehicles driven for one year -or- 989 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled -or- 307 homes’ energy use for one year.
(Source: U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator)

passenger carslandfill homes

Reitmeier is proud to have been part of Energy Trust’s Trade Ally Network since its creation in 2003. Since then, we have strived to be one of Energy Trust’s most valued trade allies in the field, helping customers complete energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across Oregon and Southwest Washington. This is the second time Reitmeier was honored with this distinction.

Saving energy with sustainable commercial HVAC solutions

Saving energy isn’t an easy feat in the HVAC industry since heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning equipment account for as much as 40-60% percent of the energy used by a commercial or institutional building. And for property and facility managers, this energy demand can cause a significant strain on resources.

The good news about this high-energy utilization is that Reitmeier can help our clients quickly realize significant benefits by leveraging new skills, technology, and equipment.

Working closely with the Energy Trust, here are only a few of the ways that sustainable HVAC solutions benefit our customers:

  • Reduces ongoing energy use
  • Achieves short-term cash incentives
  • Lowers energy bills, saving money each month
  • Improves occupant comfort and productivity
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Helps improve indoor air quality

“We are committed to creating long-lasting, sustainable energy and financial savings for our customers that contribute toward a healthier tomorrow,”  says Jeff Nusz, President of Reitmeier. “We value our partnerships with organizations in our community dedicated to sustainability and we’re grateful to the Energy Trust for working with us toward our mission of Balance.”

Ready to learn how Reitmeier can help you improve your HVAC energy use with cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon? Contact us or call us today at 503-603-0205.