The right balance: Reitmeier recognized for employee wellbeing

At Reitmeier, we tackle our work with one unified mission in mind: balance. While this goal guides our approach to both clients and the environment, we also encourage equilibrium for our own employees.

SAIF Corporation, Oregon’s state-chartered workers’ compensation insurance company, recognized our company’s commitment to a healthy work-life balance for our staff. We feel honored that SAIF featured Reitmeier in its summer 2015 magazine (pdf), outlining our innovative methods for a healthy company culture.


As SAIF provides workers’ compensation coverage to more than half of Oregon’s employers and companies, this acknowledgment is especially meaningful. We actively consider ways to improve the lives of our employees, so we’re grateful to be recognized by such a well-respected organization with similar goals.

Here’s how we put our core value of “Build Sustainable Relationships” into action.

Getting at the heart of employee satisfaction

Balance and sustainability

balance“Balance is our Mission in work and life,” says Reitmeier President, Jeff Nusz. “Sustainability involves not only caring for the environment, but caring for relationships. We want a workplace where our people can thrive and grow.”

These principles drive Reitmeier to go above and beyond typical employee expectations. In addition to providing our staff with a great culture, we provide 100% health care coverage for employees. We believe in doing everything we can to keep our team healthy and happy.

Reitmeier also holds leadership development book clubs for employees and organizes several team events each year – one of which is an annual fishing tournament. Building sustainable relationships amongst employees heightens morale and gives the staff a chance to connect outside of their usual context.

“The annual tournament gives me one-on-one time with employees – a chance to really get to know them,” says Jeff.


The importance of family

What matters to our employees, matters to Reitmeier. And since many of our employees put family first, we aim to make the connection between work and home as smooth as possible. If one of our employees is working in the field and needs to attend a child’s soccer game after a job, he or she can use the company vehicle. Or, if one of our office staff has to attend to a sick child, he or she can work from home that day.

“We are committed to each other,” said Jeff. “You only have about 18 years with your kids, and that is a priority.”

A focus on health and safety

The health of our company starts from within. We take a proactive approach to employee safety and health, and try to eliminate as many risks as possible.

One of these initiatives is our Red Flag Recognition Program: each time an employee demonstrates safe behavior, he or she receives public acknowledgement via a sticker for their Reitmeier hardhat. Keeping safety at the top of everyone’s mind improves our work and creates an environment in which employees can feel comfortable.

Reitmeier University

The SAIF article also highlighted Reitmeier University, our two-year continuing education program for training and certifying employees in commercial HVAC services.


“The training includes the technical information students will need to have, but it also teaches our culture,” said Jeff. “Students are in the class two hours, one day a week, and the rest of the time they are in the field with a mentor.”

We care about connection and culture fit for our new employees as much as the technical parts of the job. Focusing on these factors up-front ensures a well-prepared employee who is ready to serve your needs.

What it means for our clients

Investing in a healthy, happy workforce is an investment in our clients. When employees are empowered, they are more likely to feel organically motivated to come to work each day and to conduct quality business with our clients.

“It’s all about people having safety and security for the future,” says Jeff. “When our employees have that, production rises and customer service rises. Besides, it’s more fun this way.”


Want to learn more about how Reitmeier is leading the way, or interested in joining the Reitmeier team? Contact us today or visit our Career Center.