Creating sustainable change for our team

At Reitmeier, we believe in investing our resources into today to create a better tomorrow. Whether we’re improving the health of the planet through our air filter recycling program, saving our customers 1 million kWh of energy, or partnering with clients who are also committed to sustainability, everything we do helps us live out our mission of Balance.

This idea of creating positive change also relates to how we treat our employees: we plant seeds for professional development that grow into lasting benefits for our team members.

Our community has taken notice of Reitmeier’s commitment to a positive culture, and we are proud to be recognized by prominent organizations in the Pacific Northwest and beyond for our progressive treatment of employees. In fact, we were recently featured in SAIF Corporation’s state-wide publication for our innovative approach, and ACHR News recognized us as the best contractor to work for in 2014.

Read how we’re investing in our employees—and how we’re helping to raise the bar for workplace culture!

Five ways Reitmeier invests in our employees

Leadership development groups

One of our core values is to Lead the Way: we know that when everyone in our organization strives to be the best they can be, our company will thrive as a whole. We believe in both personal and professional development, and as part of this, we host leadership development groups—part of which involves reading a leadership book as a group and discussing important takeaways. Books our team has enjoyed recently include Purple Cow by Seth Godin, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek, Sandbox Wisdom by Tom Asacker, and Casual Power by Sherry Maysonave. This program brings people across from all areas of the organization and helps us to focus on the big picture as a team.


A focus on health and safety

We are so committed to hiring the best technicians that we’ve increased our benefits so we can help our employees and their families. We believe in doing everything we can to keep our team healthy and happy, and our benefits reflect this commitment: Reitmeier provides 100-percent coverage for our workers’ health care, and nearly 80percent coverage for our employees’ dependents.

Safety is also an important part of our employees’ wellbeing: our Red Flag Recognition Program keeps safety at the top of everyone’s mind, improves our work, and creates an environment in which employees can feel comfortable and supported.

Programs with purpose

Mentorship can be one of the most powerful tools in the HVAC industry, no matter how many years of experience a tech may have. This is why we have designed certain Reitmeier programs to focus on team collaboration, partnership, and professional growth. One of these programs is Reitmeier University, a two-year continuing education program developed to train and certify new employees in commercial HVAC services.




A new paradigm for our industry, we founded the program not only to foster institutional knowledge, but also to orient team members to the Reitmeier way and culture. In addition, we pair experienced mentors with apprentices to assist them in learning real-world commercial HVAC issues—a system that benefits both our team and our clients.

Team-building activities

At Reitmeier, we’re dedicated to Building Sustainable Relationships. We know that creating a warm, friendly, and exciting environment heightens morale and gives our staff a chance to connect outside of their usual context. Because of this, we invest time to plan special activities for our staff. Some of these events include our annual fishing tournament, family events, and fundraising events for charity.


Flexible schedules

We care about our employees and their needs outside of work. Because many of our team members prioritize family, we aim to make the connection between work and home as smooth as possible. Most of our service team works four 10-hour days, and we understand when an employee needs to go to a dentist appointment or their child’s sporting event earlier in the day.

“We are committed to each other,” says Reitmeier president Jeff Nusz. “You only have about 18 years with your kids, and that is a priority.”

Happy employees = happy customers

At the end of the day, we know that investing in an engaged and happy workforce not only benefits our employees, but also our clients. Building an empowered team motivates people to come to work each day and to conduct quality business. We look forward to growing our capabilities and continuing to serve our employees and clients with utmost respect and care.

“Balance is our Mission in work and life,” says Reitmeier President, Jeff Nusz. “Sustainability involves not only caring for the environment, but caring for relationships. We want a workplace where our people can thrive and grow.”

Do you know someone who would enjoy Reitmeier’s benefits and who would be a good fit for our team? Check out our Career Center for open positions!